Signing Data with ConfluxPortal

History of the signing methods

Portal is forked from MetaMask and there are multiple signing methods in MetaMask. You can read the history of all the signing methods in MetaMask documentation.

We reserved all these methods and made some changes. The usage and intention of all these methods are not changed. We will follow EIP-712 if there's new spec, say v5 of typed sign.

What changed in ConfluxPortal

  1. In Ethereum's ecdsa sign method, the v (in r, s, v) is affected by the chainId, we don't count chainId in this method at Conflux. This affects all signing methods including signing the transaction.
  2. We changed the prefix message from \u0019Ethereum Signed Message:\n to \u0019Conflux Signed Message:\n in the personal_sign method.


Here is a demo page for testing ConfluxPortal. There's example code of calling cfx_signTypedData_v4, personal_sign and cfx_sign in it.

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